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  • Audio Synthesis Desire

    Here we are happy to offer for auction with no reserve the Audio Synthesis DESIRE Power Amp. In good cosmetic condition and working order. "Audio Synthesis are a small team of British Engineers work...
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  • Audio Synthesis PASSION Phono Pre Amp

    Here we are pleased to offer the Passion Ultimate Pre Amp from Audio Synthesis which comes with REMOTE and PSU. The unit is is good cosmetic and working condition as can be seen from the photographs. ...
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  • Art Audio JOTA

    ART AUDIO "JOTA" Single Ended Triode Stereo Amplifier We are pleased to offer something rather rare and beautiful in this Art Audio JOTA amplifier. Giving both a stunning performance and very h...
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  • Leak Stereo 20 and 60

    These beautiful and classic amplifiers from LEAK are one of our all time favourites. We are well known for our selection of classic valve amplifiers and are always interested in increasing our stock....
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    We have a variety of vintage Leak equipment available and will be updating the site in due course. Please feel free to inquire if you are looking for a particular model.
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  • EAR V20

    We love EAR products and can vouch for their excellent performance, build quality, design integrity. It is true to say all these elements marry in the V20. Having had one continuously on DEM for at l...
    read more Priced at £2495.

  • McIntosh 240

    A beautiful example of this American icon, sourced locally. Gives an idea of the breadth of equipment we have supplied and because it is a stunning design in great condition.
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  • Quad 44 Pre-Amp

    We have in general a selection classic Quad pre and power amps in stock , please give us a call for further details. The Quad 44 has five inputs, Disc, Tape 1 and 2, Radio and Auxiliary, which will t...
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  • Quad II

    Our love of all things valve and vinyl demands the inclusion of these fantastic amps. We have a selection of several pairs with price dependant on condition and customer requirements. Some have more ...
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  • LEBEN CS660P Power Amp and LEBEN RS28PX Stereo Tube Pre Amp & PSU

    We are happy to be looking forward to offering the above LEBEN combination which is due asap. Give us a call for further details on this fantastic and unusual pair. Further pics available soon or on...
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  • Rogers

    A classic with style, just gone but further pieces available soon.
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  • atma sphere

    Power amp now sold . Pre available soon. Call for details.
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  • NAIM

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  • Sugden Masterclass

    Another heavyweight piece of equipment. A serious contender for a reinforced support!
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  • EAR 834T

    Yoshino's latest model, the 834T is the company's first solid-stateHybrid Integrated amplifier. It draws both on the original all-valve 834and the spectacular M100 transistor mono-block powe...
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  • Golden Dragon Valves

    Golden Dragon tubes are precision made and carefully selected to maintain optimum technical performance and sound quality. Golden Dragon preamp tubes are rigorously tested and represent the peak of to...
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  • Svetlana Valves

    SED, one of the oldest current manufacturers of vacuum tubes, has a reputation as the world leader in vacuum tube production. With stringent quality control and the best raw materials, SED offers the...
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